Data Analytics


At Conure, we believe, you deserve simply the best. Every business today struggles with multitude of data sets. We have put Big data analytics application true to its heart. 

Our Data Analytics service is framed on our in house state of the art hadoop/spark platform. The platform is designed to integrate unstructured & structured data with a custom 

run time rules engine. You can design your own rules on the fly & see the powerful engine do the heavy weight-lifting analytics. 

Big Data

We put Data Science, Algorithms, and Machine Learning & statistical analysis to solve real world problems faced by the customers of Mobile Networks

Managed Analytics

Conure’s integrated platform overlays multiple layers of geo spatial data, stitches images & videos to give you GIS analytics unheard of. You can do custom geospatial statistical analysis to unlock new opportunities.

Predictive Analysis

Traversing thousands of data rows generated by multiple sources is a blast from the past. Think Conure & engage our big data analytic engine to unravel meaningful trends

"Conure has crafted a science out of Data Analytics" - Vice President , Corporate Banking

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