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The increasing complexity of the networks & pressure to release devices meeting customer experience makes device testing pivotal for manufactures & the operators. Devices not properly tested can lead to big negative impact on the customer perception. Conure’s Device testing service bridges this gap. We are a neutral third party device testing service offering full regression, functional, feature & hardware testing.


Our certification is trusted by the operators to introduce new devices in their network with a full peace of mind.

Data Analytics

At Conure, we believe, you deserve simply the best. Every business today struggles with multitude of data sets. We have put Big data analytic’s application true to its heart.

Our Data Analytics service is framed on our in house state of the art hadoop/spark platform. The platform designed by mathematicians  integrates unstructured & structured data with a custom run time rules engine. Advanced machine learning algorithms enable every new data set integration withing an organization simpler & faster.

Set your objectives & let our platform do the heavy weigh-lifting for you.


Wireless Networks globally have increased exponentially in their complexity. Wireless users today expect customer service & network quality to seamless. Operators today are under immense pressure to differentiate themselves in the marketplace with their QoS & value added services.


Conure brings tangible solutions to the wireless space. Our years of global experience enables us to deliver process driven business models that align with operator’s strategic vision & objectives. We understand that no two operators are alike. We deliver solutions customized to the operator’s ecosystem.

How Do We Do it


Today's networks cannot be maximized without analyzing efficiently the gigabytes of data generated from various sources every few hours. Very few companies today are harnessing the benefits of Big Data. We at Conure are riding on the Big Data tide to deliver state of the art solutions & services for our customers. We understand no two mobile operators are alike in terms of their challenges, strategy, data sets, network topology & vision. We don’t believe in one solution fits all.

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Conure implements a powerful big data backend that is customized to each client & project needs. The beauty of our big data engine is its flexibility & high end performance. Conure’s big data integrated platform is capable of handling OSS / BSS data, geo-spatial data, customer profiling data, commercial data, device data & much more. The data is crunched via big data powered transnational & analytical queries to yield results that are meaningful to the customer.


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