Overview of the Solution

Conure has aimed to solve the traditional parking enforcement problems by providing highly advanced, innovative and effective solutions that can be deployed easily to monitor the parking within urban areas.

Conure has recently introduced its new solution “OLIOS” which reduces stress and burden on the patrolling officers who perform the tedious job of verifying the status and authorization of the parked vehicles manually. OLIOS is a License Plate Recognition solution (LPR) that incorporates smart software and smart cameras which are installed on the patrolling vehicles and used to scan the license plates of the vehicles parked in public spaces. OLIOS is a smart parking enforcement solution based on image processing and OCR technology that enables the patrolling officers to identify parked vehicles by their license plate and determine whether the parking sessions are authorized or not.

Traditionally, parking enforcement officers struggled to identify the authorized vehicles parked in an area and issue citations in an efficient manner.

With the help of OLIOS, the work of the patrolling officer has been eased. This is because smart IoT cameras mounted on the patrolling cars capture real-time images of license plates of vehicles, detect license plates and compare those with the downloaded list of valid/authorized license plate numbers. If the license plate matches/ do not match with the list, then the system allows patrolling officers to take action about the parked vehicle.

How OLIOS Works

OLIOS Smart LPR solution is a state-of-the-art, easy to use solution that uses smart and specialized cameras and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to capture the license plate information of the vehicle. The read license plates are compared in real-time, with authorized and unauthorized parking sessions of parked vehicles. OLIOS solution generates an alert when the hit occurs in the list. All of these functionalities of Conure OLIOS are executed in real-time. This dramatically speeds up the process and generate alerts immediately.

OLIOS is also ideal for monitoring private car parking for corporations, residential parking lots and other secured premises by identifying the license plates that do not belong to any of their employees, residents or any other authorized vehicles.

How OLIOS Works


Effective Monitoring and Surveillance

With the help of OLIOS, the need to manually record the license plate numbers of each vehicle can be eliminated. It is undoubtedly a tiring job for patrolling officers which also compromises the effectiveness of monitoring and safe parking experience. But now there is no need to do conduct such a tedious procedure as with OLIOS, an LPR system developed by Conure, patrolling officers can easily detect the license plates and ensure that no vehicle violates the parking laws.

Fast Processing

Fast Processing

OLIOS incorporates fast image processing algorithms and OCR techniques that convert the license plate image into machine-encoded text. Compares the identified number plates with the provided list within seconds along with alerting the patrolling officer if any unauthorized vehicle is parked in a particular area. OLIOS is ideal for safe and secure parking enforcement and patrolling officers can rely on this ALPR solution to minimize the time they spend on the streets.

Centralized Data Management and Analytics

Centralized Data Management and Analytics

With a smart parking enforcement solution, Conure has also provided centralized Conure cloud-based data management, analytics and control options within OLIOS. This ALPR solution can operate 24/7, have high accuracy and efficiently monitor the parking spaces with no traces of human error.



For smart parking enforcement, LPR systems are found to be efficient and cost-effective as well. The organizations that will be using OLIOS for secure parking enforcement will be able to reduce the operational cost because this smart parking enforcement solution as a resource can be used more efficiently. By implementing the OLIOS solution, cities and organizations can maximize revenue or benefit from revenue assurance as patrolling officers can issue timely citations for unauthorized parking sessions.

Target Audience

Conure OLIOS segments its market into the following categories

City Parking Enforcement

City Parking Enforcement

OLIOS provides fast license plate scanning for city parking enforcement. With the help of this system, officers can scan the license plate of hundreds of vehicles in minimum time. An alert is generated when a session of any of the parked vehicles is expired. This enables the officers to take timely action about the parked vehicles. OLIOS offers ParkMobile, flowbird and paybyphone as integrated payment options.


Access Control

Conure OLIOS-LPR can be deployed at the parking entrance to ensure that the residential parking gets secure access control at the entry point. This LPR solution captures vehicles' license plates at the point of entry and compares them to the list of license plates of the permitted vehicles. If the license plate matches, the gate arm is opened; otherwise, it remains closed. This limits the entrance of any unauthorized vehicle into the residential parking garage, thus providing an opportunity to elevate the security standards and improve the parking experience of the residents.

Residential Parking Enforcement

Residential Parking Enforcement

Residential parking spaces are private and only residents or guests are allowed to occupy the parking spots. OLIOS helps patrol officers to drive through residential parking spaces, scan the license plates and compared them with the list of approved residential vehicles. Instant notification is received by the patrol officer if any discrepancies or parking violations are found. Later on, patrol officers can immediately tow away the unauthorized vehicles from the residential parking spaces. The system also documents and stores citation types, data and time of infraction along with the license plate information.

Auto Recovery

Lenders are focused on protecting their vehicles because these are important assets for them. With OLIOS, the lenders do not have to worry about the recovery of the vehicles if the person leasing the car is unable to make the regular payments as per the contract. Lenders share a hotlist of the license plate with towing companies which is fed into OLIOS and with LPR cameras, the system scans the license plate to generate more recoveries. The system generates a real-time hit alert whenever the scanned license plate matches the license plate in the hotlist. The real-time location of the hit also helps in locating the asset. OLIOS has made auto repossession easy.

Trends and Opportunities

The demand for smart parking enforcement solutions with license plate recognition is continuously increasing and the global market size of this industry is expected to reach USD 3.8 billion by 2023. Organizations are utilizing new technologies for parking management and reducing the burden on parking officers. Conure has provided an advanced ALPR system by combining smart IoT LPR cameras with advanced image processing solutions along with smart and fast algorithms to ease the problem of the patrolling officers who are manually verifying the license plate of each vehicle in designated parking spots. Organizations can benefit from OLIOS LPR solution to ensure effective and efficient patrolling, recovery and monitoring operations.

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