Securely tracking the location and status of valuable assets and inventory is critical to business operations. Managing your assets becomes much easier with IoT-enabled asset tracking solutions, which allow you to remotely track your equipment and fleets, enabling your business to reduce risk, save money, and create new opportunities.

Manage operations with real-time information

Few ways business can use IoT enabled asset tracking


Asset History

Review asset history, including asset movements, location, and status

Locations & Geo-fencing

Manage preferred locations; monitor when asset leaves or enters locations

Tracking & Status

View asset location and operating status in real-time; monitor asset utilization

Operating Status

Assign personnel to specific assets and jobs; monitor assigned and unassigned status


Asset Behavior

Use operator score to manage risk, monitor and train asset transporters

Route Compliance

Plan and monitor asset jobs and routes; get real-time alerts

Theft Monitoring

Get alerts when assets are moved from authorized locations; prevent theft by monitoring asset routes, timeliness

Real-time Alerts

Monitor asset status and conditions; configure & manage real-time alerts for outlier behavior; create geo-fences



Mobile Solutions

View asset location, distance, time utilization

Access APIs

Integrate asset parameters and data using external APIs

Third Party Integrations

Use third- party apps to enhance asset data

Reporting & Analytics

Best and worst performers, visualize daily, weekly, monthly asset data with multiple assessments



Asset Utilization

Compare asset performance ranking

Time Utilization

Monitor historic trip data and time utilization

Personnel Efficiency

Compare resource performance ranking

Locate Transport Assets

Locate parked transport assets on fleet manager's dashboard

Conure enables IoT solutions for asset tracking that make it easy to connect and manage all your assets from a single web-based IoT portal.

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