Product Overview

Conure highlighted the need for a waste management solution in the big cities that can be used by solid waste facility managers to ease their routine of emptying the bins on daily basis. To solve the waste collection problem, Conure introduced BinWise which is IoT-based smart waste management and monitoring solution equipped with smart fill-level detection sensors that monitor the level of waste gathered in the bin and generate an alert when there is a need to empty the bin.

The process of collecting waste manually has become hectic and costly. This is because waste management trucks arbitrarily drive on the streets to look for the bins that are overflowing, partially filled or empty, and take the action accordingly. Waste collections are based on a lot of assumptions, with no data or information about the bin. With BinWise, there is no need for guesswork about the fill levels of the bins. BinWise can monitor the waste collection and fill levels in the bins by collecting data through smart wireless sensors in real-time. This IoT-based advanced waste management technology can help facility managers in reducing operating costs, efficient route planning and better quality of waste management service.

BinWise empowers waste collection authorities in big cities to make data-driven decisions in terms of fewer pickup points, efficient routes for the bin that are overflowing and dispatch of fewer waste collection vehicles in a shift. This ultimately results in less traffic and Co2 emissions.

How BinWise Works?

BinWise is a smart IoT-based waste management system that consists of waste level detection sensors for each bin. The level sensing sensors continuously monitor and measure the fill levels in the waste bins and automatically alert the facility managers via web application when the bin is about to fill up or has crossed its threshold level of garbage collection. This information is further transferred to the garbage collectors of the facility so that they can empty the particular waste bin on time. BinWise can be used in public places such as parks, beaches, public squares, metro stations and roads for automated garbage cleaning.


Features of BinWise


Waste Bin Fill Status

Usual waste bins do not notify about their fill levels and the garbage collectors have to go through all the streets to check if the bins require emptying or not. With BinWise, facility managers or garbage collectors can keep the track of fill levels of waste bins and only empty those bins which are filled or overflowing. The system’s dashboard includes ‘full’ and ‘empty’ bin statuses.

Real-time Notifications

The bins fill statuses are continuously updated to generate real-time alerts and notifications. Apart from the empty and fill statuses, BinWise also generates real-time notifications when the bin falls or the garbage in it caught fire. This helps the facility managers to take appropriate and timely actions. The notifications can be received either via BinWise mobile or web application.

Route Planning

Optimal Route Planning

BinWise offers route optimization for waste collection by connecting waste collection trucks and bins with IoT. On the mobile application of BinWise, the waste collector truck drivers can find optimal or the shortest route to the bins that need to be emptied. In this way, the carbon emission and fuel consumption of the trucks are minimized.

Potential Benefits

  • BinWise is environmentally friendly. This smart bin reduced the need for the waste collection trucks to visit the streets for waste collection arbitrarily. This reduces Co2 emission, resulting in safer and cleaner streets.
  • BinWise reduces the burden on the waste collectors as with the help of the BinWise application, they can locate the bins that need to be emptied immediately.
  • The bin status of fall or fire immediately alerts the facility managers which is not possible if the traditional bins are used. This reduces the risk of potential harm to the area.
  • BinWise takes up less space on the streets as compared to the traditional recycling bins. This reduces clutter and makes space for new smart bins that can be placed on the premises.
  • With the help of BinWise mobile applications, the garbage collectors do not miss any updates about the bins that need to be emptied as soon as possible.
  • Predictive analysis can be done on the data collected by BinWise as it can tell the waste facility managers about the locations of the bins that need to be emptied frequently and fill patterns with the help of analytical reporting.
  • With BinWise, municipalities can manage waste reduction easily along with effective resource uitilization and field productivity of the waste collectors. This can also help in gaining an economic profit.

Target Audience



BinWise sends information regarding the fill levels and ensures waste collection only when the bins in different parts of the cities and public places are filled. This results in fewer collection visits and traffic congestion on the streets. BinWise can also be used for theme parks, railway or metro stations in cities.



BinWise helps in creating a hygienic, cleaner and safer environment along with enhancing operational efficiency. BinWise is ideal for busy locations like airports. Airports are big and equipped with a number of bins in different locations. Extra labor is required to check the fill level of each bin manually. Hence, airport waste management can benefit from BinWise by only emptying the bins which are filled to or above the threshold level.



Malls- Malls are usually congested by the public and different types of waste are generated there. For instance, paper, plastic, glass, e-waste and fabric. BinWise can prevent bins in the malls from overflowing and polluting the place along with helping in implementing a technological and practical waste management solution.

Need of BinWise

Global waste production is increasing every day and it has been estimated that by 2050 waste production will be increased by 70%. This indeed is an alarming situation if the waste generation activities are not controlled then only within 25 years 3.40 billion tonnes of waste will be produced.  The current waste collection methods are inefficient and are not only contributing to pollution but also minimizing the productivity of the waste collectors as they have to wander across every street to check the fill level of each bin. This increases fuel consumption, operation cost and Co2 emission which is again harmful to the environment. This highlights the need for technological intervention with waste collection. In such cases, BinWise can prove to be an efficient tool for waste management as it can offer real-time notifications about the fill level of bins along with route optimization for waste collection.

Solution Benefits

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