What is CHIRP?

Conure CHIRP is a cutting-edge IoT solution designed to make the car dealership process efficient and fast. Locating desired cars on the lot with current dealership processes results in extended customer wait times, causing dissatisfaction. Our solution eliminates the endless search for the vehicle as CHIRP swiftly locates desired vehicles on the lot, minimizes wait time, and makes the whole process stress-free. With the integration of parking sensors in parking spaces and Bluetooth devices in vehicles, finding your car has never been easier.

How does it Work?

Our innovative IoT solution utilizes advanced technologies to accurately track and locate vehicles in a parking lot. The key components include:

Parking Sensors : Deployed in each parking space within a lot, these sensors detect vehicle presence and relay real-time information.
Bluetooth Devices : Each vehicle is equipped with a Bluetooth device that engages with parking sensors to update parking space status upon entry or exit.
Centralized System : Collected data from sensors and Bluetooth devices flows into a centralized system. This system intelligently processes vehicle location information and makes it accessible through a user-friendly web or mobile application.
Application : The application is a pivotal component, enabling users to effortlessly locate and manage vehicles on diverse devices, ensuring a seamless experience tailored to reduce wait time in the car dealership process.

Key Features

The key features of the Chirp include the following:


Real-Time Updates

Stay informed about the availability and location of parking spaces in real-time. Our system instantly updates when parking spaces become occupied or vacant, enabling you to quickly find an available spot.

Vehicle Location

Accurately pinpoint the location of each vehicle within the parking lot, facilitating swift retrieval and efficient management, eliminating the frustration of searching through rows of vehicles.


Automated Notifications

Receive automated alerts for significant events, such as a vehicle leaving or changes in parking space occupancy, keeping you informed in real-time.


Efficient Lot Management

Car dealerships and parking lot operators can leverage our solution to manage inventory efficiently. The centralized system provides valuable insights into parking space utilization, helping optimize operations and ensure a smooth customer experience.


Security Assurance

CHIRP adds security by alerting unauthorized vehicle movements and minimizing theft or misplacement risks.


Data-Driven Decisions

With CHIRP's analytical reports, you can gain insights into customer preferences, inventory, and dealership performance, which helps make proactive decisions that keep your dealership ahead of the competition.

Benefits of CHIRP


Improved Customer Satisfaction

CHIRP enhances customer experience by instant vehicle location, reducing wait times.


Improved Sales Performance

Boost sales by ensuring a smoother and more efficient car-buying process.

Theft Misplacement-Prevention

Theft & Misplacement Prevention

Strengthen security measures, receiving instant alerts for unauthorized movements to prevent theft and misplacement.



Spend less time searching for your vehicle and focus on more important tasks.


Enhanced Convenience

Easily navigate crowded parking lots and reliably locate your car.


Improved Efficiency

Streamline operations for car dealerships, leading to better customer service.

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