Smart Sensor Monitoring & Management Solution for Smart Buildings

Buildings produce 40% of the pollution that harms our planet, consume 30% of the world’s energy, and produce 26% of GHG emissions. Traditional building designs underutilize space and energy resources.

HIVE solves this big problem of urban sustainability. HIVE’s mission aligns seamlessly with the urgent need to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon footprints. HIVE smart sensors empower building owners, operators, and tenants to optimize energy usage, minimize waste, and reduce operational expenses. By proactively monitoring and maintaining crucial systems like HVAC, we’re saving energy, extending the lifespan of equipment, and reducing the risk of costly failures.

Transforming Buildings into Smart, Connected Spaces

HIVE, our smart building sensor solution, creates a connected space where sensors monitor everything from temperature and occupancy to air quality and energy usage. The hexagon symbolizes the HIVE-like collaboration of sensors harmoniously working together. Data collection is real-time, enabling constant monitoring and analytics. This empowers you to optimize efficiency, predict maintenance needs, enhance safety, and prioritize user comfort. HIVE’s adaptability and remote management make it a comprehensive, scalable solution for building management. HIVE transforms buildings into intelligent, efficient, and secure spaces, ensuring occupants enjoy a seamless, comfortable experience.

What HIVE Can Do for You?

HIVE, an innovative smart sensor monitoring and management solution for smart buildings, contributes to advancing sustainable urban environments and optimizing energy resources. HIVE is your ultimate smart solution for efficiently monitoring, managing, and streamlining a diverse range of sensors on an interactive dashboard. Conure brings you a cutting-edge platform that helps you revolutionize how you collect and treat sensor data to make informed decisions.

Conure HIVE is not just a sensor provider; we are partners in making your life and work smarter. We are focused on providing a seamless experience to our customers, and with HIVE, you can effortlessly monitor, manage, and optimize your sensors on a single application.

What Hive Can Do for You​

HIVE's AI-Powered Sensor Solution

HIVE’s powerful AI-driven SaaS platform serves as a game-changer in smart buildings. Our platform seamlessly integrates a wide array of IoT sensors, including temperature, water, humidity, air quality, and more, to collect, combine, and analyze millions of data points from buildings. The result? Real-time intelligence and insights that empower a wide range of sectors to embrace digital transformation.

Key Features of HIVE

Wide Range of Sensors

Wide Range of Sensors

Discover our comprehensive collection of sensors, each crafted to meet specific industry and individual needs. From environmental sensors to security detectors, we offer reliable solutions that ensure accurate data collection and efficient monitoring.

Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts

You can easily set up your personalized thresholds, receiving real-time notifications when the value of the sensor crosses the predefined limit or threshold.

Safe and Reliable

Safe and Reliable

our data security is paramount to us. We have employed advanced high-security measures in HIVE to protect you from data breaches and potential harm.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

HIVE showcases sensors' historical and real-time data through visually appealing charts that help you determine the sensor's performance and data trends.

User-friendly Dashboard

User-friendly Dashboard

HIVE allows you to manage sensors effortlessly with the help of a user-friendly and responsive dashboard. HIVE helps visualize the sensor data efficiently and allows users to check all the sensor-related information with a few clicks.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Keep yourself updated with live sensor data, monitoring aspects like temperature, humidity, security sensors, etc.

How HIVE Works?

Quick and Seamless Sensor Installation– Explore a wide range of sensors from our platform and choose the one that perfectly fits your needs. No technical expertise is required, as you can effortlessly install your sensors. Scan your sensors to seamlessly add them to the interactive dashboard. Now, you can access real-time data, visualize trends, and set up alerts for optimal management.

Scalable Deployment- HIVE gathers sensor data within seconds and provides scheduled reports, reminders, and alerts that require attention. HIVE provides complete control and oversight over smart buildings for prompt actions and targeted interventions.

Unified Data Tracking– Once you embrace HIVE, you no longer need multiple tools and suppliers to get sensors and analyze data. HIVE seamlessly integrates with the best IoT sensors, offering a comprehensive view of all data in one user-friendly platform, which can also be integrated into other systems.

Contextual Data Integration– HIVE covers different data sets to provide a holistic understanding of smart building performance. By monitoring occupancy alongside indoor air quality and energy usage with HIVE, you can optimize HVAC and lighting systems efficiently, reducing energy costs.

AI-Informed Actions– HIVE’s AI-driven platform analyzes real-time data, generating automated insights to empower you to prioritize maintenance tasks, optimize energy usage, and improve building performance.


Why Smart Buildings Should Use HIVE?

Conure is driven by the mission of revolutionizing the world of smart buildings and catering to its comprehensive challenges of gathering and analyzing actionable data. Our industry has seen limited innovation for decades, and it’s time for a change. With HIVE, we are now at the forefront of this transformation, dedicated to resolving the digital data gap using cutting-edge technology for smart buildings to make smarter decisions.

Seamless Integration of HIVE with Smart Buildings

One Smart Solution For All

HIVE is the ultimate sensor monitoring and management solution, and it’s here to transform not just buildings but entire cities, hospitals, assisted living spaces, health networks, industrial facilities, malls, and airports into smarter, greener, and more efficient smart spaces.

One Smart Solution For All

Why HIVE Stands Out as Your Top Choice?

Optimize processes and operations with real-time insights from sensor data.

Our user-friendly platform ensures hassle-free sensor management.

Hive caters to industries and individuals, offering solutions for various applications.

Make data-driven decisions with a deep understanding of your sensor network’s performance.

Everyone can benefit from HIVE’s smart technology. It’s more than just smart buildings; it’s smart everything. So, what are you waiting for? Join the smart revolution with HIVE and make your spaces smarter, greener, and more efficient today!

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