St. Pete Beach

Freedom from Parking Hassles

Conure & City of St. Pete Beach, FL collaborated to deliver hassle-free live parking availability at Pass-A-Grille beach


Driven by City’s desire to embrace and lead the way with new technology to provide accurate, real-time parking availability to public at one of the  best beaches in the US,  Conure ParkSmart and City of St. Pete Beach collaborated to implement real-time smart sensing live parking availability information to guide drivers to available parking spots. Thus, reducing congestion and frustration. Users can access live parking availability information via custom ParkSmartSPB mobile app or the city’s website.


In an interview conducted by The Gabber, Michelle Gonzales, director of Community Development for the City of St. Pete Beach, said,

"The initiative was fueled by the city's desire to provide better information to the public regarding parking availability within the city and as a goal to make the parking experience easier for visitors in the city."

While explaining real-time parking spot availability technology to Fox13 News, Michelle Gonzales said,

“We’re hoping that by getting real-time information, not only will it let beachgoers know if there’s parking available or not, but it’ll also maybe help them redirect where they’ll go look for parking cuz they’ll know it’s full.”


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