IoT Enabled Asset Tracking Solution

Product Overview

TrackPro is an IoT-enabled, secure, and efficient asset tracking system that facilitates fleet management companies to keep an eye on their assets and monitor their real-time location. TrackPro uses GPS (Global Positioning System) sensors to track the real-time location of the vehicles and pinpoints that location on a web application/ software linked to TrackPro. With TrackPro, fleet management companies can limit the physical locations and areas their vehicle can go by creating a virtual boundary or geofence on the map. Whenever the vehicle crosses the virtual boundary, the system generates an alert.

How TrackPro Works?

The working of the TrackPro is dependent upon GPS tracking and Geofencing. GPS tracker attached to the vehicle allows fleet managers or car rental service providers to monitor the location of their vehicles remotely. However, the most important feature of the TrackPro is not limited to location tracking as it also alerts the owner whenever their asset goes out of the virtual boundary on the map. With the help of TrackPro, fleet managers can create a geofence around the vehicle pickup and destination points in the form of a triangle which determines the latitude and longitude of the physical location or the virtual boundary. Multiple geofences can also be created for a single asset, whether a vehicle, truck or construction equipment, etc. This indicates that the vehicles are only allowed to move inside the geofence. If the vehicle or truck goes out of this virtual boundary, the fleet managers are immediately notified. TrackPro facilitates fleet managers in monitoring all fleet activities and making decisions from asset management, vehicle acquisition, dispatch, and routing.


Features of Track Pro


Location Tracking

TrackPro offers a real-time fleet tracking feature that helps fleet managers track their assets and minimizes the probability of inefficiencies and delays in operations. The location tracking feature has two modes, one is the live mode, and the other is the search mode. The live mode gives access to the real-time location of the fleet, whereas the search mode determines the last location or destination of the fleet on the map.


Multiple Geofences

TrackPro enables fleet managers to create multiple geofences on the map for a single-vehicle. This feature can track fleets within the location of interest and notify the managers via mobile or web application whenever the vehicle goes out of any predetermined geofences.


Monitoring Tracker’s Health

Apart from tracking the location of the vehicles, TrackPro also offers the monitoring of the tracker's health. The system tells if the tracker attached to the vehicle needs a battery change or is it damaged so that it can be replaced immediately. The system also notifies the fleet managers if any of the trackers send incorrect information so that the error can be fixed on time.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

With TrackPro, managers can get scheduled reports with real-time fleet information. The system analyzes the data and generates reports with statistics to highlight the fleet performance. These reports help managers formulate informed strategies or decisions to improve efficiency and save money. For instance, TrackPro provides fuel optimization, mileage, safety, speeding, route mapping information, etc. This information provides a bird's eye view of the entire fleet.

Benefits of using TrackPro

  • Automated Real-Time Alerts-The location of the vehicles can be monitored securely with TrackPro. Fleet managers can develop virtual parameters to set up a virtual boundary or geofence so that a system can generate immediate alerts whenever the tracked vehicle goes beyond the geofence.

  • Safety against Vehicle Theft- Vehicle theft is an increasing crime, and there is a chance that without a proper tracking method, vehicles can be stolen as well. With the help of geofenced parameters and a smart GPS tracker, TrackPro plays an important role in preventing vehicle theft. Fleet managers can take timely action if the vehicle deviates from its path.Prevention of Unauthorized Vehicle Use- With the help of a location history record and real-time GPS, car owners can promptly identify if any of their vehicles are being misused for any illegal activity. This can also help in minimizing the crime rate in the region.

  • Prevention of Unauthorized Vehicle Use- With the help of a location history record and real-time GPS, car owners can promptly identify if any of their vehicles are being misused for any illegal activity. This can also help in minimizing the crime rate in the region. 

  • Easy Accessibility- Managing the fleet is now at the fingertips with the help of TrackPro. By watching trailers, construction equipment, trucks or vehicle in real-time, managers can notify the customers about the delays and keep the records of arrival and departure times of each vehicle. You can now manage your business from anywhere in the world via mobile or web application.

  • Custom Reports- With TrackPro, there is no need to store the status and activity of the fleet vehicles manually. With automated reporting, the fleet managers can know if their trailers, trucks, equipment, or vehicles have been utilized to their full potential or not.

  • Visibility- TrackPro offers real-time visibility to the customers and managers. This location tracking system simplifies the visibility of the assets as the managers do not need to call the drivers to get an update about the location, and customers can also access the status of their goods.

  • Exceptional Customer Service- With TrackPro, fleet managers can achieve exceptional customer service by sharing live locations, real-time alerts, and ETAs with the customers. Furthermore, with TrackPro’s application, the managers can monitor the weather, traffic status, and more. As per the given data, the managers can guide drivers about rerouting to avoid delays and eliminate discrepancies.

Target Audience

car leasing

Car Dealership

Cars are nothing less than an important asset. Their real-time tracking allows car leasing and car rental companies to remotely track the vehicles and prevent them from getting lost or stolen. TrackPro is an advanced vehicle tracking solution that aims to reduce the worries of car rental dealerships by offering them a wide range of features through which they can closely observe the locations of rented vehicles in real-time.

frieght and trucking companies

Freight or Trucking

TrackPro enables the freight managers or the trucking companies to check the status and location of their vehicles in real-time. With TrackPro, freight management companies can map out the truck's location closest to the delivery location and dispatch it immediately. This will reduce fuel costs and ensure timely delivery. With the geofence feature, the system can reduce the probability of vehicle theft and immediately notifies the managers if any vehicle goes beyond the geofence.

fleet management

Fleet Management

In several ways, TrackPro can reduce the overall cost of fleet operations. By tracking the driver's position in real-time, fleet managers can monitor the departure and arrival times, ultimately eliminating the need to call the drivers frequently for updates. TrackPro enables fleet managers to go entirely paperless, saving them from long and cumbersome administrative work.

Supplychain companies

Supply Chain and Logistics

TrackPro holds the potential to increase visibility in the supply chain procedures. TrackPro integrated into the supply chain activities can provide detailed and diligent tracking information about the assets across different routing networks. The usage of TrackPro is highly efficient for logistic operations as it enhances visibility and helps in managing fleet operations.

construction companies


TrackPro can also be used with construction equipment, as its GPS tracking feature can prevent misuse or theft of assets. With TrackPro, construction companies can monitor if their construction equipment is being used within the geofence. Whether the asset is on the job site or not, the construction managers can know about their exact locations and how they are being utilized with the help of TrackPro.

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