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Engagement via IoT Adaptation

It is rather mind-boggling to accept the fact that IoT is a form of technology that is and can be integrated into any field; irrespective of industry. Education, due to COVID – 19, is affected the most. Lockdown has aired the boom of IoT into the world; managers and supervisors were able to see factory floors remotely, security was supervised through smartphone applications, and such facilitations were witnessed by the world in this short amount of time. Education, another sector that was and still is reaping the advantages of IoT applications.

Almost every educational institution around the globe became a virtual classroom – applications such as skype, zoom, google classroom, etc. assisted institutions in continuing to deliver education to each student without risking their health. The primary purpose of IoT is providing connectivity – and this is what IoT is doing best. Transitioning from walk-in classes to integrated online classrooms; technology has efficiently evolved teaching methods as well. IoT-enabled connectivity continues to supersede pencils, paper, and writing boards as teaching methodologies and educational possibilities magnify.

A few years back, no one would have guessed what the future holds for us – IoT has successfully helped the world in the times of crisis such as these. IoT in educational institutions means an enhanced connection with a greater collaborating future for education. IoT applications provide students with improved access to everything: from instructional material to communication platforms; this gives professors the ability to quantify a student’s academic performance in a real-time setting. Smart educational settings or better a name “e-Learning” is yet to reach that global outreach. Every stakeholder in the educational sector is a skeptic of IoT technology; students, teachers, parents/guardians. But, the skepticism failed to keep IoT at bay; the COVID – 19 situations demonstrated the power of IoT and its benefit, is integrated correctly.

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Educational institutions are leveraging the power of IoT technology for tech-savvy security and optimal energy utilization. Now, from enhanced campus turnout to guaranteeing classroom throughput; IoT has heaps of promising uses in education. The reason for IoT’s success in the educational sector is simple: every student has access to smartphones – providing IoT with a maximum user interface to make an impact on the lives. Recent studies have shown that online learning is more effective compared to the in-class learning method.

Not every student is a bright mind – some students require additional time to understand and work compared to others. The in-class method of teaching adds pressure on slow students. The online learning curve provides them with extra time to function and process what was taught in the class. The IoT technology isn’t merely for students; educational institutions are receiving many of its benefits. Enhanced energy sustenance, reductions in operating cost, savings the investments in reusable energy, etc. It is common knowledge that “reusable tech” will eliminate the gadget costs incurred on an institution’s budget. Smart school concept is now of high importance – to decide whether health is important or education, e-learning mediums have saved us the debates. The time is not far when Smart school will be a common medium similar to traditional schools/institutions.

With the IoT’s connectivity on-hands; a student will be able to save time to do research. Everything is a click’s away. Technology helps everyone – IoT facilitates anyone who looks at it for help. Students learning at their own pace, teachers teaching with proficiency; the surge in connected technology means instructors are free from marking the papers manually; google forms take their place. Professors/instructors are more focused on every student’s interpersonal skills and personalizing the learning medium accordingly. Hard for a teacher to ensure student engagement; with the help of IoT, a teacher can have a fully interactive session.

There are numerous ways educational institution is able to utilize IoT to its maximum potential – from connected devices for security, energy optimization, cost-efficient, to having students connected with their respective teachers 24/7. COVID-19 taught the educational sector the importance of having a connected, virtual classroom. Every educational institution in the year 2020 closed to mitigate the spread of this fatal disease. Teachers and students were enforced into exigency mode—and leaned heavily on the IoT to assist the shift to structured remote learning. Though IoT has supported the r-learning as best, there are still many things the technology needs to work on. IoT is a work in progress – everyday discovery is made, a new part is integrated; constant variation in it ensures us the promising future and closing the gap in-between e-learning platforms.

With the advent of 5G on the horizon, IoT shall unleash the massive power of connection and communication soon. Soon transformation will be visible in the educational institutions too. Every student holds a future of the world in its hand – neglecting one shall cause a huge breaking point in the efficiency of the economy. IoT is an influential tool and technology – utilization of it is what decides the outcome of the sector(s).