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Smart Parking Solution

ParkSmart- A Smart Parking Solution

Since the invention of the automobile, parking issues have always been a problem. However, when urbanization and population growth accelerated, the situation became worse.

Parking Issues within Workspace

Parking concerns in the workplace influence both management and employees, posing large obstacles. Controlling staff parking demands is expensive since organizations must own or rent sufficient parking to meet their passenger’s daily needs. They may even have to incur the cost of constructing added parking buildings in situations.

Employees face unpleasant scenarios, thereby rivalry for restricted space, which can have a diverse range of negative consequences in the workplace.

How  ParkSmart Resolve the Parking Issues?

The parking challenge is the most highlighted problem encountered by the world; several actions involving Smart technologies are necessitated to resolve it.
However, it’s still an unsolvable enigma faced all by and impacting lives, simultaneously.
Conure ParkSmart produces the smart parking solution that decreases operational expenses, has higher energy efficiency, and improved lighting and ventilation are all benefits of Parksmart for your parking structure.

Conure Parksmart is the certification system in the world dedicated to promoting self-sustaining growth through smarter parking structure planning and installation.

How ParkSmart beneficial for Smart Cities?park-smart-system

ParkSmart- developed to assist users in parking issues and resolve major parking challenges, especially in public places.

1. Enhance User Experience
ParkSmart- Smart parking systems help cities, managers, and companies accurately track occupancy, enhance traffic flow, and increase profits by relieving drivers of the burden of finding a parking spot.

2. Brand Image Enhancement
Every IoT architecture relies on reliable connectivity. Smart Parking solutions concentrate on the efficiency and resource economy and the focusing priority of flexible installation of the system.

Furthermore, to enable dependable data connections in enclosed and underground car parking, vast reach and high penetration capabilities needed in the process.

3. Integration into Enterprise System
Sensor data offers valuable data that integrated into various enterprise systems i.e., places or spaces that track the maximum and minimum parking spaces. This aids facility owners decide vacant and filled parking spaces. Misuse of designated parking areas or emergency access roads, on the other hand, recognized and managed more simply. Smart parking solutions can also help businesses generate added resources from their parking spaces while they are not in use.

4. Efficient Resource Management
ParkSmart is a Parking Resource Management System that gathers and updates all real-time parking data, which it then distributes via VMS or the Internet. Smart Parking system collects driver parking requests as well as real-time information (such as car position), keeps track of driver allocation status, and communicates assignment results to drivers. The driver finds a vacant space through the web application.

5. Flexible
1- Helps the driver to spot the vacant parking spot through the application.
2- No more waiting queues in parking areas.
3- Save and vigilant parking.
4- An innovative approach in the Parking system to have a stress-free environment.
This solution supplies the opportunity for users to lead a smart and secure parking process. Park Smart ensures vehicles safety, minimum theft, and accidents.


“Time to welcome the emerging technologies for a secure future by choosing Smart approaches”.