Is Virtualization a game-changing benefit?

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Virtualization – A process to generate a computerized version of physical data centres, applications, various servers, and any hardware device counterparts. It creates software to manage the data over the online…


Smart Agriculture

IoT in Sustenance Field Green Revolution The world is constantly growing – one might say at an alarming rate. The need to grow more in less for billions of mouths around the world is becoming…

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Nanotechnology is a branch of study and development that focuses on creating 'objects' on the nanoscale, such as materials and electronics. One quadrillionth of a meter is a nanometre, which is tenth times the mass…

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Live Streaming

Live Streaming Vs Video Conferencing When someone views a video on an online platform, they employ live streaming as a form of data transfer. It's a method of delivering a video clip in small parts,…


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