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Smart Parking Vs Traditional Parking, Which Is Better

The modern technological advancement has significantly yet positively affected the process of urbanization as the world is now on the verge of upgrading to a modern city with smart parking. The standard of living is rising consistently, improving, or more appropriately, making things and activities easy, errorless, and quick.

Digitalization and technological advancement have eased us by countering our traditional traffic problems through a smart parking system. Smart parking is a system through which drivers can easily find parking spots on their mobile phone’s app or a web portal without breaking a sweat or stepping out of their vehicles.

The traditional parking method or system was always strenuous and time-consuming. It can lead to serious traffic problems and disorienting conditions, ruining the driver’s experience and creating a haywire situation in the city. It is a simple technique of parking, yet the growing population and urbanization prove it to be obsolete and unsatisfactory.

Nevertheless, by extending the discussion further on smart parking vs. traditional parking, below are several factors that can help in making a clear yet smart judgment regarding this debate:



Time Savior

Firstly, traditional parking is notorious for its time-taking factor. In this method, it is purely a matter of luck finding the parking spot first to save time and all the hassle. However, smart parking is a great step in a modern city that can be greatly beneficial as you can now have the real-time location and track the number of empty parking spaces on your iPhone or androids. This, in turn, gives the driver or passengers a great deal of time to reach the desired destination.

Fuel and Cost Efficiency

Traditional parking may be a little simpler than the other, but it causes a negative effect on fuel consumption, further decreasing the cost efficiency. On the other hand, smart parking can be a problem solver for such situations. The drivers will not waste their time looking for a spot to park the vehicle, ultimately saving their fuel expenses, especially when the gas prices in the US are record high.

Hassle-Free Direction

Another advantage of smart parking is that it can provide hassle-free direction or the best possible route towards your desired parking spot. This shows how smart parking truly embodies the concept and spirit of the modern city. If we look at the traditional car parking, it is always filled with the hassle of moving your car here and there while locating an empty space. But now, with this modern car parking, you can easily reach your destination without even worrying about such issues.

Adding Value to the Modern Urbanization

Traditional car parking has now become obsolete and a thing of the past. Given the constant rise in the population ratio, the number of vehicles on the road is also increasing daily, and the traditional car parking system cannot cater to its need. Rather it will further adversely affect the dealings and activities of cities. In contrast, smart parking is the modern solution to modern urbanization necessities. In fact, ParkSmart is a crucial IoT solution that reflects the vision of the modern city. It provides intelligent parking solutions by highlighting the number of empty parking spots at places like beaches, hospitals, airports, and universities while showing the driver the fastest route towards the desired parking spot. Hence, smart parking is efficiently adding required value to modern urbanization.

Greenhouse Effect

If we look at the big picture, traditional car parking significantly increases the greenhouse effect, as it would take longer for cars to get parked. Meanwhile, their engine keeps on running, emitting harmful substances like Carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. However, with modern smart parking, we can easily now decrease the concentration or the presence of greenhouse gases in our environment, as it will prevent the car’s engine from running vacantly while looking for an empty parking space. This shows its vital addition and contribution to the concept of modern eco-friendly cities around the world.

Increases the Overall Parking Space

Moreover, if we consider the old or traditional car parking system, it was disoriented in nature as drivers used to follow their own free will in parking their cars, etc. This decreases the overall parking spaces at any place by making things congested owing to asymmetrical car parking queues. Nevertheless, with modern smart parking, things have become more organized as people are now guided through IoT-based solutions in this endeavor of theirs, making things more civilized and in line with the concept of the modern city. This increases the overall parking space while people can utilize the parking area of places like hospitals, beaches, universities, etc., to their fullest capacity.

Prevent Extra Traffic On the Road

The traditional parking system was the primal cause of inviting extra traffic on the road. It is physically challenging for the driver to look for a parking spot at locations like beaches. This further increases the overall traffic on the road as the parking-search traffic gets intermingled with them. This ultimately leads to jammed roads and huge traffic congestion. On the other hand, with smart parking methods, people can search for and locate an empty parking space on their mobile phones. This automatically eases physical restrains of the driver and prevents extra traffic on the roads by eliminating the presence of parking search traffic.

Driver’s Experience

Last but not least, the traditional method of parking can severely affect the driver’s journey and experience. As mentioned above, things like finding a parking space can be difficult owing to the physical limitation and unavailability of parking spaces. This can completely kill the drivers’ experience as they may get late for their meetings, interviews, classes, etc. This is why modern parking is the better and ultimate solution to such issues. It can improve the drivers’ experience as they will not be late on their academic or official commitments. Hence, it can be said that the smart provides a hassle-free parking experience to the drivers.

To Sum Up

In a nutshell, the comparison or debate between modern smart parking and traditional parking method can be concluded in favor of the former as it is the thing of the future that poses great benefits in terms of modern urbanization while countering all the cons of the traditional parking method. Indeed, smart parking is an important aspect of the modern city that has multiple IoT-based, eco-friendly benefits making the traditional parking method obsolete.