Park Efficient

An Idea for Smart world With the increasing volume of vehicles, shopping complexes, and hotels; the world is facing an incredible number of difficulties during a sort of traffic, and road accidents. The main explanation…

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Smart Cities and Air Pollution

The concept of Smart Cities comes from the rapid increase of urban areas. In the cities, the expansion led to the enlargement in industrial, deforestation, the rapid growth of production, and automobiles. Manufactures and Constructions…

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IoT and Marketing

Engage the World! Humans are relishing a realm of "Big Data”, in this era. Most households possess diverse smart devices, from Mobiles and speakers to cars and intact home appliances. the Internet of Things has…

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Human Computer Interaction

Progress to Smart Live! Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the trending technologies in this digital epoch. Advancements in network foundations and automated machines heightened the influence of IoT. IoT-Internet of Things, the straightforward…

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Smart Parking- Save Time- Effort And Fuel

In multiple countries, there are several small and broken roads; where multiple shopping complexes, hotels, and malls are situated. People here mostly face the main problems with parking their cars, bikes, and other vehicles as…

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IoT And Cybersecurity

IoT or the Internet of Things is a concept of assembling life expectancy easier through connecting objects, and devices over the Internet. An individual can operate various devices in a single go through their Mobiles…

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