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Combining IoT with Sports Universe

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Integrating IoT with Sports

With the evolution of technology, Combining IoT with sports universe is every sphere of human life receives an impact – either positive or negative. The same is the case with IoT; IoT advancement has a positive contribution to the Sport’s sector. Sports isn’t merely playgrounds, playing equipment, and players. Sports is all about everything – from playgrounds to player’s fitness; and IoT carters all.

The rise of IoT has provided companies with infinite possibilities to expand their network of connected devices to an unimaginable spectrum. Like every other sphere, traditional players were not as keen on adopting the new devices and equipment which push them out of their comfort zones. But today, Sports is among those few benefited market from the IoT rise – one of the principle vertical markets for connected objects and the IoT.

The world wants to understand everything better – harness the power of data and utilize it for their benefits. IoT helps everyone in the collection and analysis of data – sports personnel and organizations alike. But the question here arises: how does IoT help the Sports and its market? Simple – Athletes can perform better by practicing better with IoT-induced devices that collect the data from everywhere and displays what and how individuals show work to surpass the other in the same field, game, or state. The teams’ supervisors and trainers easily collect the data: heartbeat, miles, blood pressure, etc. of each player through wearables and connected devices.

Additionally, it assists the team strategists to understand their players’ strengths, opponents’ weaknesses, and develop tactics based on collected data. The same can be done to enhance fans’ experience with the games; wearables can be provided so they know what is happening inside the stadium whilst waiting in line to either get inside or buy refreshments.

Integrating IoT with Sports

Smart Stadiums

Combing IoT with Sports Universe has provided us with maximum user experience; there are smart stadiums that provide speculators with a satisfying sports experience. The IoT-based “Smart Stadiums” are equipped with IoT-induced sensors that amplify the viewing experience; created by using IoT interoperability capabilities facilitating the stadium managers/supervisors’ complete control over everything. All the features added into the stadium provide utmost sport adventure and services such as indoor geolocation, etc. making the stadium extremely advances and one-of-its-kind.

Smart Footwears

IoT is not limited to stadiums, monitors, or equipment. IoT is multifaceted –footwears assist athletes and supervisors can monitor their status and continuous progress. These “smart footwears” can trace an athlete’s speed, foot and leg strengths, balance, and other foot-related supervisions. IoT-induced pressure sensors in the footwear exhibit the balance scales of an athlete including their weight distribution patterns. The accelerometer embedded with IoT sensors monitors maximum speed, stamina, pause power, etc. With accumulated data, athletes/coaches have an instant insight dashboard as to which athlete is at their maximum potential for the game.

Smart Safety & Equipment

IoT is an enormous field; the security industry has benefited from IoT in several ways – athletes’ security is among one of them. Few pieces of sport’s equipment are embedded with IoT sensors – Smart Helmets. For instance, if a player gets hit on the helmet the sensors, with ease, measure up and report the impact of the hit/fall. This data is then communicated to the medical department so that immediate help can be prepared whilst the patient is on its way and speed up the recovery time.

Additionally, with IoT sensors embedded into sports equipment; all sorts of information and data convergence points lead towards improved training methods, ground strategies and to help judges in making the “Third Empire” decision. In sports that involve the ball (soccer, football, volleyball, tennis, etc.) IoT sensors will assist and determine the strength of pass and hit with accuracies, actionable insights with details regarding shot or hit and pass mechanism, arm/throw strength, and other information which help players to become better, track progress, and monitor than by comparing current and historic progress.

Smart Apparel

Like other features, Smart Apparel helps the player to track their performances and progress. Fitness is an important factor for any player/athlete – IoT sensors ingrained into this apparel help the players to know their overall fitness details. Breathing and heart rates, blood pressure during intensive training, muscle utilization, scrimmages, and other vitals throughout their body. As the player/athlete gets used to deducing what the data is suggesting regarding their body; they will know better than before when to take breaks, when to refuel their energy, and when to call it a day while practicing.

Every IoT Sport based technology has a purpose whilst being integrated into a specific industry – in sports, the IoT integration is all about the performance and fitness of each player/athlete. Improving the security and safety of players during practice and in-game is another characteristic of IoT technology. All the Smart things – stadiums, equipment, footwear, apparel, etc. plays their respective role to boost the player’s and venue’s efficiency as well as improve fan’s experience.

The IoT sensors in sportwear: helmets, balls, shoes, etc. helps the concerned individual to help in measuring the player’s bio signs and on-field performance. The prospects of IoT for the sports industry are infinite! With this technological skill and knowledge, it can help you implement these possibilities into every game. Breakthroughs in IoT for the sports industry are still at the initial stage – the cameras mounted on the helmet of players are the first step towards a unique gaming experience.