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Top 8 Future Technology Trends That You Should Know

Today, the world in which we live is much different from the past and will further transform in the future. Change is a constant aspect of life that the world is continuously witnessing, especially owing to fast technological development and advancements. Seemingly, certain technology trends around us are either becoming obsolete while others are becoming more advanced. It is evident that due to these shifts and developments, our way of acting, reacting, or doing business, is going to transform. Indeed, it will have a significant effect on the way we live our lives.
Therefore, this article will discuss the top 8 important future technology trends that seem promising and will be in high demand and one must know about.

1. Artificial Intelligence

First on the list is artificial intelligence. Since its inception till now, artificial intelligence does not seem to be slowing down even a bit. Nowadays, almost every digital advancement and entity utilizes AI technology and Machine learning to analyze data and perform tasks efficiently. For instance, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter depend heavily on AI technology. It helps the users to show posts, and videos, after analyzing the data of previous likes and dislikes, and preferences. Moreover, every sector, from agriculture to scientific research, uses AI as their major aid in their multiple smart endeavors. E.g., in current times, AI-powered innovations are being utilized to calculate physical, real-time data to get precise results on weather forecasts, advanced computations, scientific mysteries, and health conditions.

In the future, AI technology will likely become more sophisticated, and nearly every industry will invest in and utilize it to increase their overall productivity. Also, as per experts, the market of AI is likely to grow by about USD 407.0 billion by 2027. Through this technology, we may witness AI-powered robots cooking for us- doing all the physical chores without error and fatigue.

2. Internet of Things

Next to the list of future technology trends is the internet of things or IoT. Even in recent times, we can already see a great transformation in our lives due to IoT innovations. Smartphones, laptops, and computers are not the only things connected with each other via the internet. Rather, IoT innovations have made it possible for us to connect our wearables, countless digital appliances, and even our homes via the internet. Moreover, IoT can collect, store, and share data from the physical environment, paving the way for connecting more physical objects like buildings, homes, etc., via the internet.

IoT technology is collaborating with AI to increase the efficiency and workings of different spheres around us. For instance, it can be vital in transforming the transportation sector. ParkSmart is an IoT solution that provides hassle-free car parking solutions with an online payment method highlighting empty spots to the users via the mobile app. Also, other industries like Fleet management can reap great benefits from solutions like TrackPro, which help in smart asset and fleet tracking via smart sensors. Simply put, IoT innovations in one of those technology trends that will further transform our lives in the future.

3. Genomics

Future technology is not just about improving your living style but also ensuring your healthy living. Modern technology and analytics have aided scientists in understanding the nature of the gene. Genomics is precisely that kind of technology trend that can help us scrutinize and understand our gene construction, its nature, and mapping. This may open a new way for editing or altering it for better health conditions in the future.

It is evident many pharmaceuticals are investing heavily in genetic engineering or editing. Likewise, advancements and research in genomics can aid us in changing the shortcomings of our bodies easily. We might be able to resolve different genetic diseases while finding the cure for terminal illnesses like cancers, etc. Moreover, it could add significant value to healthcare as people may develop an inherent immunity against almost all diseases in the future. As an example, even now, we can see people unable to conceive can have a child through Surrogacy.

4. Xenobots

Xenobots are basically tiny living machines being developed to provide medical treatment to humans at the cellular level. They are developed from frog cell embryos that can bring great innovation to the field of medicine and healthcare. With advanced technological development and progress, scientists can develop such synthetic life forms through computer programming. As per Joshua Bongard, the Xenobots’ co-developer, the experiment with the Xenobots is showing remarkable results till now. With the collaboration of AI, these nano-size machines can walk, swim and work together to perform a particular task efficiently. This will be groundbreaking technology in curing ailments like childhood blindness etc.

5. Blockchain Technology

In the future, all technologies may require an innovation that can provide a secure way of protecting and storing data. Fortunately, Blockchain technology is another future trend that can easily fill this gap. With the boom in digitalization, the importance of data and its security has increased. And, through the analytics run on such real-time data, AI-powered machines and IoT innovations can perform smart tasks efficiently. Likewise, blockchain is a technology utilized by the cryptocurrency BitCoin, but it can provide a secure storage system for data preservation in the future. This technology consists of cryptography and decentralization that can help prevent data from getting hacked or unwantedly altered. Therefore, it has great prospects in cybersecurity, healthcare, and online banking transactions.

6. Extended Reality

Extended reality is essentially a digital space that combines augmented and virtual reality, also known as the Metaverse. Currently, it is in the initial stages; however, big tech companies like Facebook are investing greatly in this area, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, with the help of IoT innovation and its support system, the Metaverse will be able to provide a digital realm where one acts, react and interact with other users and automated entities. It will be a place where a person can digitally hang out with friends, do shopping, or even perform official and professional tasks while sitting on a chair at home. This kind of technology trend is the next big thing in the future, as it will completely change how we live.

7. Quantum Computers

Quantum computers can be considered one of the future technology trends. The technology will suppress the capability of regular computers within a few years of advancements and upgrades. Likewise, it is still far superior to the computers of brands like Microsoft, AWS, Google, etc. This kind of computer fundamentally utilizes quantum physics properties like superposition and quantum entanglement to perform difficult tasks and store a multitude of data. As a result, it makes the quantum computer work and operates far more quickly than the supercomputer. This technology trend might be the right boost we need to evolve into the smart future.

Moreover, its features include monitoring, querying, analyzing, and accurately acting on data. This increases the domains of its applications; for instance, it can be utilized in developing vaccines for a pandemic like Covid-19. Also, Finance and banking systems can sign up for quantum computer applications to manage fast and accurate tradings and maintain high-end credits while preventing fraud. According to experts, the revenue of quantum computers is estimated to grow by 8.6 billion USD by 2027 globally. It reveals that quantum computers are among the leading technology trends of the future.

8. Energy Storing Bricks

Next to the list of future technology trends is Energy Storing Bricks. This technology may seem absurd, but scientists are developing a smart and convenient way of storing energy for home usage. Researchers at Washington University are leading the research and development in converting ordinary-looking red bricks into energy storing objects. Fortunately, these bricks are composed of Iron oxide, making them capable enough to be upgraded into energy-saving batteries by coating them with a conductive plastic polymer called paddock. This will help us store the energy from solar panels in our regular-looking bricks that can be rechargeable as well.

As a result, we can get rid of extra wiring and completely move away from energy production through fossil fuels. With such innovation, we will be able to enjoy carbon-neutral living in the future.


In a nutshell, many transformations and developments are taking place around us. The future seems unpredictable, but these technology trends are among the leading ones that offer promising signs and will have high demand in the coming times. Though they may seem in their early stages of development, they have the potential to transform the future and add significant value to our standards of living.