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Take Control of Your Garage with Smart Garage Door Opener in 2023

Due to increased parking and security issues in buildings, offices, and homes, there is a need to modernize the garage door opening system. Conventional garage door systems have control panels that close or open the door. It has no feature to provide security or track vehicles that enter in and out.

Smart garage door systems connect with push-button terminals. Through this, the doors are easily opened and closed. The smartphone app sends signals to the smart garage door system, and the door opens or closes accordingly.

By implementing this smart solution, many businesses and homeowners have experienced advanced security implications, significant improvements, and ease in daily life practices.
If you still have conventional garage door openers, upgrade your system to experience smart solutions and to make your life comfortable, secure, and convenient.


How does Smart Garage Door Opener System Operate?

The smart garage door opener comprises a power management system, relays, input terminals for sensors or actuators, and a wireless system (Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, or an arrangement of all these protocols). The smartphone app controls the system. It allows the owner to operate the smart door from any place.

There is a placement of a sensor on the door. The smartphone app acts as a push button. When the user presses the button in the smartphone app, signals from the sensor send to the smart garage door via WiFi or Bluetooth. It then pulls in a relay for a specific period. This system then closes or opens the garage door accordingly.

The WiFi integration allows sending alerts when the door status changes. The users can also access different advanced features, such as integration with other home applications and programmable lights, receiving security alerts, face recognition, license plate recognition, fingerprint access, automatic control, and voice activation.

Advantages of Smart Garage Door System

Enhance Security

Garage doors are the main access to your building, office, or home. If someone attempts to enter without your knowledge, the smart garage door system alerts the owner and security authorities in real-time. So at garage doors, there is a need for high-optimum safety solutions.

This system can also integrate with various advanced applications such as OLIOS LPR. With automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and optical character recognition (OCR), OLIOS LPR detects the license plate numbers of the vehicles that want to enter and compares the obtained results with the data of vehicles registered in the system.

After processing, the system opens the door for those cars whose data is already in the design, either temporary as a guest or permanent as residents or owners. This way, smartly, security increases, and the chances of crimes decrease.

Scheduling Operation

The smart door system allows the users to close and open the door at a specific time. As per the scheduled time, the doors will open automatically. Also, with an automatic lock feature, via smartphone, users can lock the garage at any time from anywhere. On the other hand, it also allows the scheduling of turning on and off garage lights. In this way, it helps to conserve light and reduce electricity bills.

Control From Any Location

The use of IoT helps users to control the door from any location. It has eliminated the need for a manual door opening process or remote control with a limited range. This feature is helpful and convenient in many situations. To elaborate, when the owner is not at home, any of his guests or delivery boy comes to his doorstep. With a phone, he can easily open it from anywhere in the world and close it when they leave.

Smart Home Ecosystem

Smart homes are in high demand due to their feasibility, convenience, security, and advanced features. It helps simplify daily tasks, take necessary actions in emergencies, secure homes, and assist users. Therefore, it becomes easy for people to live independently, even those older or disabled.

It enhances the ecosystem by integrating with other smart products at home, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can easily get smart solutions to multiple problems when different devices collaborate.

This way, users can monitor and control their homes using smartphones. For example, garage doors open via facial recognition and license plate recognition.

Energy Efficient

As a result of increased electricity costs and inflation, businesses are more concerned about installing such systems that are energy efficient. Also, installing such systems helps them meet sustainable development goals and to gain a competitive advantage.

Smart garage door opener consumes less energy and does not increase electricity bills significantly. The advanced versions consume less energy and even can work on solar power.
The upfront cost of the solar panel-powered system might be higher, but in the long term, it saves a lot of expenses and reduces electricity bills.

In a Nutshell…

Smart Garage door system is an advanced solution with an automatic door opening and closing feature. It allows the control of garage doors from anywhere in this world via smartphone. It can also embed with other systems and applications to provide advanced solutions such as automatic turning on and off of garage lights and entry of cars via license plate recognition, facial recognition, or voice control. The system is energy efficient and can also work on solar power. Also, it has started to implement at a huge scale to ensure security and reduce crime.