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IoT in Today’s World-Why it Matters

The world used to be a bigger place in the past, owing to time and space barriers. However, in the present, things have changed to a greater extent. Technological innovation and IoT solutions have turned this world into a global village. It has converted almost all aspects of daily life from physical to digital, connecting us virtually.

IoT in today’s world has changed the landscape of both the personal and public spheres. IoT solutions or technology have significantly impacted almost every sphere of our life. It has made things easier, more secure, and faster. Different actions and operations have become smartly efficient, as less human input is involved in the process.

Moreover, the composition of smart sensors and AI-based software intelligently interprets any given task and performs it with maximum proficiency. What it means is that IoT solutions require less human intervention in any operation, making the result more accurate and error-free.

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Nevertheless, below are several IoT applications in different spheres of our life:

Personal Sphere

• 5G Revolution

IoT has conquered our lives with the growing 5G technology. IoT can provide enhanced wireless connectivity services to its users through its cellular application. With the 5G revolution, the development in the IT sector is moving at a fast pace. It is connecting more and more devices making users communicate through digitally IoT-enabled devices and smartphones.

5G technology is an upgraded version of the 4G network, which comparatively has higher Gbps data speed, better availability, vast network capacity, and an improved user experience for more users. You can now operate your household devices or gadgets like air conditioners, printers, etc., with your smartphone. 5G enabled humans to operate different electronic gadgets with a simple tap on their intelligent hand-handled devices.

• Wearable Gadgets

In personal space, IoT has not just encircled us through our phones but also by different gadgets and devices. It is improving our standard of living at an accelerating level through consistent upgrades within its field.

It is pertinent to say that there is an IoT-enabled device in the market for almost every human need, action, or activity. For instance, there are different wearable gadgets like smart watches, smart clothes, smart gloves, and even smart ornaments. They not only add value to your looks but also play an important role in improving your standard way of living. For instance, a person can get an immediate alert or notification regarding their physical conditions by donning these wearables. IoT wearables like Smartwatches can analyze your heartbeat and calculate your body temperature. It can notify you with a smart alert if it detects any irregularity regarding your heartbeat or rise in body temperature. In this way, it is proving its worth by catering to our healthcare needs.

• Virtual Gaming Experience

We can also witness a great upgrade or trend in our gaming experience. Virtual Reality or Virtual gaming is a concept through which users or gamers can find themselves in real-life situations while playing games with graphics representing closer to real-time locations. Games are now being developed through different IoT-based technology with an aim to make the experience closer to reality. For instance, games like Beat Saber, Tetris Effect, Half-life: Alyx, etc., are in demand for providing fun and entertainment to the user with a better virtual gaming experience.
Also, different IoT wearables like eyewear, arm, and leg bands have been created so that you can play the game in virtual reality, feeling or experiencing things as if happening with you in the real world. This shows how our personal space is saturated with IoT-based solutions in one way or the other.

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Public Sphere

• Industrial Applications

In terms of the public sphere, industrial IoT applications have crucial significance. Almost every industry uses some IT-based service to increase productivity and overall excellence. Nevertheless, industrial IoT applications refer to integrating different IoT enables a solution that enhances the working and operations of industries. For instance, in the agricultural sector, the process of irrigation and cultivation is becoming fully automated by different IoT solutions. Farmers have a better understanding of the condition of their crops in an unpredictable environment. Plus, it provides farmers with better cost-effective, smart tools to raise and increase their yield.
Moreover, Industries like construction are using an IoT-enabled solution, TrackPro. It is to keep track of their construction tools and equipment. The construction manager can easily monitor the status and visibility of different assets on mobile devices. This increases the security and efficiency of the construction company to erect the building in the given time and resources.
Plus, tools like such can be useful for companies related to the shipping and transporting industries. This will improve their transportation operations by offering smart surveillance and GPS locations. Indeed, with IoT innovation integration, any industry’s productivity will increase.

• Smart City

IoT further positively affects our public sphere by transforming our cities into smart ones. It means that different operations and activities of the city are commencing under AI-based solutions. Different sectors of the city are being upgraded with IoT solutions, for instance, Retail stores. With the help of IoT innovations, many retail stores are becoming cashier-less. To make this process efficient, they are utilizing asset tracking technology, electronic shelf labels, and customer loyalty apps to enhance the shopping experience. This makes the whole process of purchasing wireless and customer-oriented while reducing the labor cost of retailers. Amazon Go or 7-Eleven are great examples, as their stores are cashier-less outlets.

Furthermore, another instance of the smart city in which IoT is bringing innovation is smart parking or transportation. Multiple businesses or administrative institutions are using smart solutions like ParkSmart to prevent parking hassles while drivers can locate empty parking spots on their mobile phones with real-time direction. The point is to bring organization or smartness to the city’s work by preventing traffic jams.

Likewise, smart lighting is being used across different cities to prevent power wastage. Traditionally, streetlights were notorious for wasting the city’s power as they remained switched on, on streets where no vehicle was passing. However, with IoT, the city’s administration is able to save energy with smart lighting. They are data-driven and smartly switch on and off according to the necessity and requirements on the road. Hence owing to such reasons, many smart city projects are being initiated and adopted by different institutions to enhance the public sphere and dealings.

• Environmental Sustainability

Technological advancement has traditionally been seen as one of the major factors in causing environmental deterioration. Especially mass industrialization and consistent urbanization are leading causes that adversely affect our surroundings. However, IoT innovation has turned the situation around. Now different IoT-based solutions are being utilized for the sustenance of our environment, which technology formerly was destroying.

People or tech-savvy companies have created IoT-enabled devices that add value to the environmental sustainability factor and embody the principle of the smart city. For instance, in terms of waste management, smart bins like BinWise are effective garbage collection bins that can alert the concerned authority about their “full” or “empty” status. It further even guides the waste collection truck towards its location by providing the fastest optimized route.

Many eco-friendly vehicles have been introduced in the market. Moreover, they are being utilized to curtail the harmful gas emitted from vehicles. Cars that burn and consume harmful petrol or gasoline are now being replaced by vehicles that run on electric batteries. Plus, self-drive IoT-based features are being integrated into cars like TESLA to reduce human effort while making our environment sustainable for living.

The End Note

To sum up, IoT solutions have completely changed the world’s landmarks. It has transformed the personal and public spheres by enhancing the working and efficiency of different areas. Personally, it has eased our physical input or actions by making things digitally accessible and operatable. In terms of the public sphere, it has entirely revolutionized the domain. IoT innovation and AI technology are crucial in increasing overall efficiency by ensuring low cost, less labor, and more productivity. Therefore, they are paving the way for environmentally sustainable smart cities that offer better living standards and a productive lifestyle across the globe.