LoRaWAN Platform

Connected Intelligence

Conure brings to market LoRaWAN platform with end-to-end IoT capabilities. From connecting your assets and building role-based experiences, to delivering valuable data insights and orchestrating smart assets, Conure provides the IoT features that you need for success. Built for enterprise-scale, Conure’s LoRaWAN Device Virtualization and Management Platform was architected from the ground up to deliver a truly end-to-end software foundation.

Conure’s Platform provides a complete solution to securely connect any LoRa device to any application while offering all of the tools necessary to provision and manage connected products at scale.

Simple device virtualization & management at IoT scale

Full-featured LoRA device management and OTA capabilities at
enterprise scale

  • Remote set-up and maintenance of virtual devices
  • Robust device management capabilities including bulk provisioning and activation, monitoring, maintenance, and firmware updates.
  • Rich set of troubleshooting capabilities with remote log access, data point diagnostics, and device-level alerts.
  • High efficient and intelligent OTA update mechanism to ensure firmware updates.

Extensive data analytics and application enablement

Powerful tools to unlock business value from device data through analysis and application development

  • Conure Analytics, BI tool, with highly engaging and insightful reports on KPIs of connected devices
  • Web application framework to reduce time to develop custom enterprise business applications.
  • iOS and Android compatible.
  • Web and mobile applications that solve for common use cases including customer support, field services and integration, use on-boarding, mobile geofencing, and more.

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