Website Security

Cyberattacks have become common nowadays, and hackers attack those sites which are vulnerable and do not have proper website security. The malicious activities of the website due to lack of website security can discourage visitors from coming back to your website, may damage your reputation, or your business may face irreversible financial losses. Hence, to save your website from any exploitation and data breach, Conure is providing the following website security services:  


Website Security & Protection

SSL/TLS certificate

 A lot of sensitive data is collected on your website, including credit card numbers, addresses, emails, and other personally identifiable customer information. This sensitive data of your site can be protected by integrating a basic security measure called SSL/ TLS certificate (converting the website from HTTP to HTTPS). Conure provides complete SSL encryption to make your website secure as per its functionality and the types of personal data available on it.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

 If the security standards are not applied to the site, it becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks. WAF is used to prevent hackers from conducting malicious activities on your website and to eliminate automated attacks. Conure’s WAF critically analyzes your website traffic and blocks all suspicious activities as per predefined rules. It protects your site from SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and DDoS.

Two-factor authentication

The simplest security solution, namely two-factor authentication, protects your website from targeted attacks. By providing two-factor authentication on the website, Conure ensures that only the authorized person has access to your site security tools, along with denying or granting access as per the user roles.

 Secure site hosting

 Secure hosting is the backbone of your business website. Conure offers an all-in-one secure site hosting service. While providing 24/7 network security and protection against DDoS, Conure ensures to keep your website running and provides uninterrupted support.

Website backup

Another important thing for a business is to keep a backup of site files so they can be recovered in case of any attack. Having a site backup ensures site security and availability when required. If you need to back up your site files, Conure is here to provide automated support.

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